Okay, okay, so it’s not a new baby boy or girl, but it’s a new baby nonetheless.  It’s a brand new website!

My financial coaching company has just launched our new website, www.LifeWorkout.net and I am just as proud as a new daddy.  To be honest, it was very hard to concentrate on anything else until this little guy arrived.  We are very excited to have another way to get our message of financial freedom out to those that need some one-on-one coaching. 

Take a look at the website and you will find some interesting statistics on how financially stressed much of Amercia really is. In spite of all of that , there are some really common sense steps that we can take to get our FinancialLife back in order.

We would love to get some feedback on how you think the website might be improved including other elements that we don’t have. In the future, we will have our blog as part of our site as well as a video blog.  We will also have a resource store where you can purchase items to help you with your FinancialLife Workouts. 

If you are interested in learned about the financial coaching services we offer, you can submit a contact form as part of the website and we will get right back to you.  As the website grows, we are considering offering other types of coaching as well such as fintess coaching, business coaching, and even life coaching. 

Talk to you soon!