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This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at a Women’s Health Seminar along with three great friends.  It was a great success in that the topics discussed were extremely practical and relative to the experience of women trying to achieve a healthy life.  In fact, I applaud the women that attended because it takes courage to show up for a health-related conference.  Here’s what I mean.

Before the conference started, I was talking to the pastor’s wife who is the women’s ministry advisor.  She shared that the attendance was low that day.  It seemed as if many women didn’t care about the issues of health.  When we concluded our conversation, we both determined that it was more about being afraid to face the issue of health for fear of what they might discover.  In fact, one of those that did NOT attend had questioned her why she should attend…to be told that she was fat?!

In reflecting over this for the last two days, I have come to realize that this is a common response to many things in life.  Who can relate to the fear of going to your doctor for a check up, balancing your check book, going to a marriage counselor, stepping on a scale, or even going to church?  I had one friend who told me years ago that if he stepped foot inside a church his feet would sizzle due to his ungodly lifestyle.  It’s hard to face the truth about our marriages, our finances, our spiritual life, or our health so we have a natural tendency to stay away from situations that would require us to do so.  I know, I have been there many times and will be there many more times before my life is over.

However, here is something else that I know, that until we face life, we don’t have the option to choose life and ultimately attain it.  My dad always used to say that we are always making choices.  Even when we avoid making choices, we are making a choice to do nothing!  Is it possible that we give up the dreams of becoming alive again in our marriages, finances, faith, or health because we have determined that the pain of facing it is too great.

We have all heard the scriptural adage that “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”, right?  I have seen this principle proven countless times.  Marriages have been restored, finances have abounded, faith has been deepened, and even health has been attained when these courageous people purpose in themselves to have a better life by facing it head on.

Is it painful to face the facts?  Absolutely!  One of the women’s leaders at this seminar had shared the previous month about healing your heart, both physically and spiritually.  She had encouraged the women to get a physical heart checkup.  Two women later reported back to her that they had gone to their doctor and found that they did have heart conditions, but that they were treatable.  When you face the facts, you won’t always get great news, but at least you can face it before it’s too late.

So, I urge you to do the tough thing, do the right thing; face life so that in the end you can attain it.

Desperate for life,

Steve Chaparro, www.LifeWorkout.net