I felt like Hamlet.  In optimum condition or in an inoptimum condition; that was the question I faced yesterday morning.

I was pondering whether or not to go out for a ride on my triathlon bike.  The night before, I was hit by a shot of inspiration in the form of my friend Marc Payan (@Payan90x) who started his P90x journey and is chronicling it on Twitter and a blog.  However, when morning came, I realized why I hadn’t been on my bike but a handful of times since that half Ironman triathlon back in May; a boatload of excuses!

You see, an optimum bike ride, I had been telling myself, requires a fair amount of time.  I didn’t want to just go out there for minutes, I craved HOURS on the road like a REAL triathlete.  But, yesterday morning promised the opposite right out of the gate.

First, my tires weren’t holding pressure well.  Second, I couldn’t find my sunglasses; how was I to be protected from errant projectiles aimed at my eyes?  Then, by the time I was ready to take off, the ride was only going to be about hour.  Hello, not of optimum length!

I literally paused for a couple of minutes and thought this through.  What would that crazy nut @Payan90x do?  That guy’s face on his “reflection video” was going to drive me nuts if I didn’t head out for the ride.  Forget this, I was hitting the road! So, on I went riding into the sunrise.

Well, what I experinced was pure joy!  My legs felt alive again as the air blew across my exposed eyeballs and through my helmet air vents, rustling my 1/4″ long hair! This was what I had been missing and I had almost missed it again!

How many other things had I missed out in my life because things weren’t in optimum condition?  So, I ask you the same thing?  What have you missed out on because you wanted the circumstances just right?  Did you choose not to pursue a relationship, a job opportunity, a decision about your faith, or any other risky situation?

While I know that every circumstance is different, but I invite you to take a chance at that “inoptimum ride”.  You may just be in for the ride of your life.

Happy trails!

-Steve Chaparro,