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Well, the day has finally arrived!  Today is Day 1 of my LifeWorkout Challenge; a 90-day journey of transformation in the areas of my family life, my financial life, my fitness life, and my faith life.  Check out this video for more:

Over the next 90 days I will be talking a little more about what led me to take on this challenge, the four LifeSystems, and the 7 Steps of the LifeWorkout Plan. 

I need a host of supporters to encourage me along the way, so you can comment on and subscribe to this blog by clicking on the “Sign Me Up” button at the top left of this page, follow me on Twitter (@LifeWorkout), and go to my website at www.LifeWorkout.net.

I looking forward to this great ride and I hope that you might be encouraged, empowered, and inspired by my journey!

Working it out,