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Welcome to Day 3 of my LifeWorkout Challenge. 

In my Day 1 video blog the other day, I gave a short introduction about this journey of transformation that I have chosen to undertake over 90 days.  Here is a little more about why I have taken this challenge;

You see this picture…?

…this is exactly how I intend to feel at the end of my 90 days.  I want to obtain a life of victory; a life that is so rich, so full of health and wealth, a life driven by passion and purpose that I may not have ever dared dream of it before.  Do I expect to stumble here and there?  Yes, but I also expect to find the strength to dig deep because the goals and visions that I have are far greater than the pain that I will have to endure to achieve them.  Still not sure what I am talking about?  Let me explain it like this;

Our bodies consist of many systems.  For example, we have our reproductive system, our digestive system, our circulatory system, and our muscular system to name a few.  In order to avoid sickness and disease, its important that our body systems are healthy and in balance.

Accordingly, it is important that our LifeSystems are healthy and working together.  Any LifeSystem that is that is not properly worked out to achieve health and harmony is in danger of causing suffering or what I call Dis-Ease.  Dis-Ease can cause discontent, disconnection, and dissatisfaction.  While there are many LifeSystems that we can focus on, I am choosing to focus on what I consider to be the four most important being family, finances, fitness, and faith.

Lately, I have reflected on these four areas of my life and I have determined that there are deeper depths that I want to experience.  I want to experience more wealth in my life, not because I want to accumulate more, but because I want to give more.  I want to achieve greater physical fitness in my body, not for vain reasons, but to be stronger, to endure longer, and to have more energy to enjoy life.  I want to workout my family and other relationships so that I not become an energy taker or waster, but to be an energy giver.  And lastly, I am hungry, thirsty, and desperate for a deeper walk with God; not one based on works but rather one drenched in His grace and His presence.

As I take this journey, I will share my thoughts and reflections about this process of transformation.  I urge you to join in on the discussion.  I know that I am really putting myself out there and there are reasons for that which I will discuss later, but for the most part, I am hoping that you will be able to identify with the challenges that I may face. 

So, I ask you…what life have you always dreamed for?

Working it out,