Steve Chaparro is a man of many passions.

Most times, the passions are his greatest strength because he has a drive to pursue things with great vigor.  At other times, his multiple passions tend to dilute the potency of each individual pursuit.  He has a passion for God, yet sometimes it gets pushed aside for the “here and now”.  He has a passion for his family (wife and two young sons), but at times even that gets cloudy when other things demand his time.  He has a passion to pursue his divine and earthly purpose, but at times it has to be tempered by the timing of God.  As an endurance athlete (marathoner and triathlete), he has a passion to train to get faster and to go longer, but that too is compromised by more important things (that’s a good things).

A heart of a man of many passions is breeding ground for a lot of conflict, but with help and grace of God, that “breeding ground” will bring forth much fruit.


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